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 More of the Project 

Update, Dec 10/02.
        I finally got most of the parts required to convert to fuel injection.  Here are some pics of the stuff, it is stock used parts, but will do me just fine, for now!  Thanks to Dustin for the great deal on the parts, as well as Matt from the Mustang Shop in Calgary for getting the lower and sending all the parts.

The Intakes
I haven't decided whether to polish or powdercoat these.

Distributor and Coil
They came with the MSD cap, rotor and coil.

Fuel Rail
What can i say? It's a fuel rail!

EFI Computer
It's a speed density unit, perhaps i will convert to MAF later.


Not shown are the injectors, complete harness, O2 sensors and some of the other sensors.  I still have to get the proper camshaft, and a fuel pump and sending unit.  Hopefully the project will begin to really come together this spring.  Disassembly didn't go to plan, lol , so i am behind schedule.  No big surprise there.


Stay tuned, folks, more to come!